Dream Cruise Weekend - Platinum Motors - Car Photography by Christian O'Grady

The Woodward Dream Cruise 2015 is roaring right outside our door but you wouldn't know the event starts on Saturday with the thousands of cars cruising down M-1 since Wednesday. We will be photographing the worlds largest one-day auto event tomorrow so for tonight we decided to celebrate cars. The photos below are from an event we shot for Platinum Motorcars. Many types of cars from exotic to eccentric, from the sleek and sporty to muscle cars, race cars and classic cars were driven at the event.

Our interest with cars starts early in life. 

We can see a sexy car from a mile away.

Some people love whacky cars and some love fast cars.

We can appreciate the tiny details and the overall beauty.

Food Photography - Chromatic Cornucopia - Madalyn Knebel Design by Christian O'Grady

This week FYT had the opportunity to work with Madalyn Knebel Design to continue our series Chromatic Cornucopia.  In the spring we tackled the green color spectrum and this week it's blues and purples.  With Madalyn's great eye and sensibility for design, we're able to get a hold of fresh produce that is both unique and beautiful.  With a vibrant cornucopia as our final product, Christian and Victoria are able to photograph the process in which it's built using studio lighting for still lives and macro photography.  

Victoria looked for interesting patterns within the still lives to create compositions of the tiny details.  Some were harder to find than others.  Christian caught sight of what Victoria was doing and began his own search for compositions within the tiny world that is macro photography.

Madalyn brought over her mothers old sewing box filled with tools for styling the shoot.  Cotton balls, Q-tips, sticky tack, and jars are just some of the things that contribute to the clean look and attention to detail. Our still lives range from the classic to the contemporary.  When photographing green foods in the springtime, we focused on one setup.  This time around we set up two different tables where one housed the large cornucopia and the other was staged for experimentation.


These purple potatoes became part of a surreal landscape with the collaboration of FYT and Madalyn Knebel Design.  The deep purples in the potatoes reminded Victoria of gemstones, which gave Madalyn the idea to slice off angled sections to create rock-like formations.  The blue cornmeal resembled sand to give the still life ground.

Studio Portraiture - Madalyn Knebel - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

I, Victoria, have always wanted to photograph a ballerina.  The way they carry themselves with such elegance has always been attractive to me.  Upon meeting Madalyn, I knew of her history with ballet but what I didn't know was that she was still graceful as ever.  Sometimes people change, whether it's due to their environment or just the mere fact that they've moved onto that next step.  This was not the case, I knew I had to photograph Madalyn's soft and sweet nature.  During our shoot together, Christian was flying the Helix around our studio getting behind the scenes footage to help tell the story. 

Portrait Photography - FYT - Pontiac, MI by Christian O'Grady

Of course for our one year anniversary we both received photocentric gifts from each other and we took portraits together in the studio. I bought Victoria our very first GoPro and she made me a photo scrap book of our first year of taking photos, living, and loving.