Ice Mountain Spring Water - Weber Shandwick - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

FYT got to document Nestle Waters doing their part to help Flint schools during their time of crisis. We went to Stanwood, Mich. bright and early to photograph the factory workers at the Ice Mountain Spring Water bottled water supplier. To help support Flint in their time of need, you can donate to the Flint Water Fund which helps purchase bottled water, water filters and emergency support services. 

LEAR Charity Preview NAIAS - George P Johnson Marketing Experience - Event Photography by Christian O'Grady

FYT has been documenting the LEAR Charity Preview even before we were FYT!

This is our third year photographing the annual event for George P Johnson Marketing Experience (formerly pulse220) who puts on an in incredibly decadent event in celebration of LEAR and all hard work the company has done. Gourmet food along with crafted cocktails which this year included a ten foot tall ice sculpture martini ice luge....! 

This year topped them all because the energy was high, food was plentiful and the live band played hot all night long! See for yourself! 


MM-O-DD - Michigan Science Center: Noel Night - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

This year FYT got to participate in one of Detroit's holiday traditions, Noel Night! 

A good friend and client of ours Leslie Ann Pilling is the founder and President of Metro Museum of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD). The museum explores the industry of design with a current mobile presence. We are on board as in-kind sponsors. FYT donates our photo and video services to the non-profit which gives us the opportunity to work closely with talented creatives and craft content for the up and coming museum. 

For Noel Night, we created a video to set the stage for MM-O-DD's Design Showcase of The Frost Fairy Queen. We shot video footage of the first snowfall back in November highlighting frost, snowflakes, icicles, and other variations. To incorporate the aesthetic of MMODD, we gave geometric shape to nature's design mimicking a kaleidoscopic effect. The music recorded and produced by friend Rachel Skotarczyk, worked together with the video to deliver a more dramatic epic ambience.  

MM-O-DD was stationed in the downstairs of the Michigan Science Center located in the DTE Sparks Theatre. Children lined up to have their picture taken with the Frost Fairy Queen with our piece making for a beautiful backdrop.

There was even a station for kids to design their own ID tags, each unique and special - just like a snowflake!

Featuring artists include: Mobel Link Modern Furniture, Celeste Smith of Celeste Couture Hats, BWP Light and Sound, S. Kay Young Photography LLC, Hair Lab Detroit and Presence II Productions.

CUREiosities - Rose & Robert Skillman Branch Library - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Photography is my road to the unknown, toward existence...
— Victoria Zegler, FYT Productions

The Rose & Robert Skillman Branch of the Detroit Public Library is a beautiful gem tucked away in Detroit. While it houses the history of the nations automotive collection, it also contains historic architecture - like most of the city of Detroit. FYT had the pleasure of getting to explore this historical landmark with a close friend of ours, Leslie Ann Pilling during a photoshoot for one of her Detroit fashion brands. Leslie has a garment manufacturing studio located on Library Street in Detroit just across from the Rose & Robert Skillman Branch Library, where the shoot took place. Many of her apparel lines are produced in her studio, one of which is CUREiosities. CUREiosities is a highstyle fashion brand appointed with luxury fabrics and hardware. The opera coat, featured above has ruched details to soften the designs and play into strong, simple, and classic shapes. It gives off an edgy vibe which blends both current and deco details. Leslie explained the look as, "...if Audrey Hepburn played a role in Star Trek, her character would be the perfect client." 

Shooting inside of the library allowed us to integrate subject matter into the compositions of the building naturally. Christian was on camera, while Victoria was modeling the pieces with her camera in hand.

The concept expressed behind this brand revolves around people who explore. When Leslie initially reached out to FYT with her vision, she introduced the idea of having Victoria model the pieces. To Leslie, Victoria was a great match: a photographer and visual journalist who just this year started her own company, FYT Productions. FYT's core values lie in storytelling, quality, and purpose. These values fell parallel when landing on our location at the Skillman Branch, a place driven behind quality, purpose, and educating. In each image, a camera is present in the hand of the female photographer, as she wanders through the library exploring and finding beauty in her surroundings and documenting the story unfolding before her.

To view pieces from the CUREiosities apparel line, visit

Bon Bon Bon - #FoodWineWomen - Food&Wine by Christian O'Grady

For months Victoria has been working with the "Babes Babes Babes" of Hamtramck's Bon Bon Bon. Alexandra Clark, owner of the starkly casual chocolate shop, was such a joy to work with that she feels like a real friend. What a treat it was when Victoria told Alex that the piece was going to be published by Food&Wine! The article which is part of their #FoodWineWomen series is expanded on here with the full photo story below. Check it out and be sure to visit Alex and indulge in a few bonbons at one of her shoppes in Hamtramck, Detroit or pop-up shop in Ann Arbor. 

Documentary Photography - Black Magic - Valentine Distilling Co. @ Ferndale, MI by Christian O'Grady

     Christian and I worked with a close friend of ours on a stylish shoot for a marketing campaign for Black Magic body spray and body wash.  We spent the day working inside of the rather fragrant and airy Valentine Vodka in Ferndale, where Christian helped with lighting and I shot  behind the scenes.  On the set, Christian was using a portable lighting rig that he fashioned together using a vintage photographers light strip with four LED light bulbs while I was ducking and weaving through clothing racks and distillery vats.  

     The highlight of the day?  Christian getting to hose down a sexy 6'2 model.