Road Warrior Remastered - Mad Max Inspired - Christian OG throwback 2008 / by Christian O'Grady

Picture a desolate future where supplies come in short supply, it's dirty, it's dangerous. Enter the road warrior, our heroine keeping her eye on the horizon with her one friend close by. They are alone, searching for something unknown. One of my favorite assignments I've done is from 2008 when I created what I called the 'Road Warrior' series. With the recent viewing of Mad Max Fury Road I was reminded of what I loved about these photographs. They tell a story of isolation, desolation, the power of human enguiniety, and hope. Mad Max is a full throttle ride and fun to watch but the most amazing part of the film was the creativity in the costuming. When we created the Road Warrior series we didn't have the budget of the Hollywood blockbuster so we worked with the items we did have to create costumes, accessories, and weapons. Looking back at these images I think I should do another updated shoot.

Contact me if you are interested in collaborating on a new edition of this project. 

Always looking over your shoulder is their way of life.


Special Thanks to Lauren Moser who did the hair/makeup/dirt application, Katie Payne for the great styling, and Shannon and Michelle for being great models!