Matt on the Playground - Animation Dancing - FYT Productions / by Christian O'Grady

Animation dancing is like the old school robot in a different time signature. Starting, stopping, slowing time and doing all that in beat with the music. Matt showed us his playground at Marshbank Park, in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. He has been practicing on this piece of spinning playground equipment for weeks and he is still improving. We are working with him to create a dance video. After one shooting session we captured a few angles and put together a rough edit.

FYT is a two man production with a four camera setup. Victoria setup a Canon 5D on a tripod for a stationary wide shot as she handled another 5D with a longer lens on a monopod. We positioned a GoPro close to the action to get that close super wide shot. Christian was doing steadicam type work with the Letus Helix with a 7D balanced. Matt even wore the GoPro on his head for one of the takes.

Matt has been practicing on this merry go round of the modern era and it shows. We both played on it for a while. It's difficult to even stand or walk! After showing Matt the video, FYT had a creative meeting with him we all agreed to do another shooting day. Stay tuned for more animation dancing.