MM-O-DD - Michigan Science Center: Noel Night - FYT Productions / by Christian O'Grady

This year FYT got to participate in one of Detroit's holiday traditions, Noel Night! 

A good friend and client of ours Leslie Ann Pilling is the founder and President of Metro Museum of Design Detroit (MM-O-DD). The museum explores the industry of design with a current mobile presence. We are on board as in-kind sponsors. FYT donates our photo and video services to the non-profit which gives us the opportunity to work closely with talented creatives and craft content for the up and coming museum. 

For Noel Night, we created a video to set the stage for MM-O-DD's Design Showcase of The Frost Fairy Queen. We shot video footage of the first snowfall back in November highlighting frost, snowflakes, icicles, and other variations. To incorporate the aesthetic of MMODD, we gave geometric shape to nature's design mimicking a kaleidoscopic effect. The music recorded and produced by friend Rachel Skotarczyk, worked together with the video to deliver a more dramatic epic ambience.  

MM-O-DD was stationed in the downstairs of the Michigan Science Center located in the DTE Sparks Theatre. Children lined up to have their picture taken with the Frost Fairy Queen with our piece making for a beautiful backdrop.

There was even a station for kids to design their own ID tags, each unique and special - just like a snowflake!

Featuring artists include: Mobel Link Modern Furniture, Celeste Smith of Celeste Couture Hats, BWP Light and Sound, S. Kay Young Photography LLC, Hair Lab Detroit and Presence II Productions.