Studio Portraiture - Gathering of the Creatives - FYT Productions / by Christian O'Grady

Victoria and I decided to have a day where we invited some creative minds over to the studio to chill, collaborate and take photos. There were photographers, models, a hair/makeup artist and our creative friends Maya and Joe showed up towards the end of the evening for drinks and a game of Cards Against Humanity. Victoria and Bri hit it off and took an adventure through downtown Pontiac eventually making it back to the studio but not before making friends with the Sheriff of Oakland County. Christian spread his time between working on the behind the scenes video and working with all of the guests.

Local photographers Sean Forsyth and Ka Xiong came by to hang out and shoot some photos. 

We were able to capture some model type photos on location in Pontiac and in the studio. 

Then the wine came out and we started playing Cards Against Humanity and laughed and laughed.