Road Warrior Remastered - Mad Max Inspired - Christian OG throwback 2008 by Christian O'Grady

One of my favorite assignments I've done is from 2008 when I created what I called the 'Road Warrior' series. With the recent viewing of Mad Max Fury Road I was reminded of what I loved about these photographs. They tell a story of isolation, desolation, the power of human enguiniety, and hope. Mad Max is a full throttle ride and fun to watch but the most amazing part of the film was the creativity in the costuming. When we created the Road Warrior series we didn't have the budget of the Hollywood blockbuster so we worked with the items we did have to create costumes, accessories, and weapons. Looking back at these images I think I should do another updated shoot. 

Always looking over your shoulder is a way of life.


Matt on the Playground - Animation Dancing - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Animation dancing is like the old school robot in a different time signature. Starting, stopping, slowing time and doing all that in beat with the music. Matt showed us his playground at Marshbank Park, in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. He has been practicing on this piece of spinning playground equipment for weeks and he is still improving. We are working with him to create a dance video. After one shooting session we captured a few angles and put together a rough edit.

FYT is a two man production with a four camera setup. Victoria setup a Canon 5D on a tripod for a stationary wide shot as she handled another 5D with a longer lens on a monopod. We positioned a GoPro close to the action to get that close super wide shot. Christian was doing steadicam type work with the Letus Helix with a 7D balanced. Matt even wore the GoPro on his head for one of the takes.

Matt has been practicing on this merry go round of the modern era and it shows. We both played on it for a while. It's difficult to even stand or walk! After showing Matt the video, FYT had a creative meeting with him we all agreed to do another shooting day. Stay tuned for more animation dancing.

Travel Photography - Assateague Island - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Wild horses? What!? Wild horses! Awesome.

Our destination for our first road trip of 2015 was to Assateague Island, home of wild horses, off the coast of Maryland. More than 300 wild ponies wander the beaches, forest and marshes. The horses seem friendly at times but warning signs are posted all over the island assuring you that they will charge, bite and kick if they feel threatened. The first day we came to Assateague we only saw a couple horses from a quarter mile away in the fields eating. We wanted to get closer, so when we came back the second day we saw a few of them on the side of the park road so we stopped to photograph them. That's when Victoria captured this moment of the horse running alongside the road in a beautiful side light. Whenever we get a free moment for travel we always try to find a new place for Victoria and I to explore through pictures.

Staying in a vacation town in the off season feels like a ghost town.  The empty beaches and parking lots were plenty and it was easy to get into any restaurant without a wait, not to mention we always had nice clean backgrounds for our photos. But the weather didn't stop us from drinking on the beach and eating the daily catch. Victoria took most of the photos on this trip as Christian spent his time shooting with the Letus Helix getting video footage.


One of the best features of a coastal island are that you get sunrises and sunsets over water. We got up before the crack of dawn for this oceanside sunrise. 

Esii Perez - Studio Photography - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Esii Perez is a favorite model of FYT. Esii has no bounds, restrictions, or hesitations. She comes to the studio EARLY every time with a bright positive attitude. Christian and Esii have been shooting together since the beginning of this decade and that experience together leads to organic moments captured. Esii has a willingness to try different poses and expressions. This blog post of photos were all taken within one shooting session and all of these photos have little or no retouching. Forget Your Troubles... come shoot with FYT. 

Product Photography - CRAINE&LOVE - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

CRAINE&LOVE is a local clothing company we have had the pleasure of working with previously.  The brand is centered towards producing basic and essential pieces for both men and women. Working alongside Carol Craine, the woman behind CRAINE&LOVE, you truly get to see the creative mind at work - the constant stream of ideas, inspiration, and willingness to take risks.  When I was talking with Carol during our shoot, I mentioned to her that when I wear her pieces I am told I look "striking," or "simply sexy" and I agree with them confirming that these pieces are nothing but basic, they are empowering.  Carol's idea for her pieces stemmed from her desire to find balance in her life.  She writes, "I SEEK TO FIND THE BALANCE, THE BEAUTY, AND THE SIMPLICITY.... IN ALL I DO... IN ALL I SHARE... IN ALL I WEAR... "  And just like that, Carol's beloved uniform was brought to fruition.    

Our shoot consisted of working on Carol's web content shooting each of her pieces on white, hanging from unique metal hangers.  After wrapping that up, we decided to mix it up a bit and execute one of Carol's idea's to have the clothing to be portrayed in a more relaxed, lifestyle fit.  So, I jumped in and got to model some different styles.     

Commercial Photography - Triple Thread - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Last week Christian and I got to collaborate on a shoot with the boys over at Triple Thread to show off their new spring/summer Motorcity apparel. On our initial meeting we quickly realized that these guys were all about having FUN. A grateful dead bear costume? You bet. During our shoot we decided to embrace their goofy attitude and make pictures with it. The first half of the shoot took place in downtown Pontiac where we scouted locations on the fly looking for nice light and interesting textures. Once the sun went down we headed back to our studio loft to setup our lights. We had a basic studio lighting setup with our camera on a tripod which made it easy for the models (as well as the dancing bear!) to jump into the frame and work with us. It made for great moments and A LOT of laughter. I put together a GIF of Marshall bustin' a move!


Editorial - SUGARPOP! - The Metropolitan d'Etroit Magazine by Christian O'Grady

Spring is here!  Time to celebrate the best way we know how...with something SWEET.  This warm weather calls for cold fizzy pop, sweet sherbet, and other sugary treats that bring out fun under the warm sun.  The SUGARPOP! shoot was inspired by the personalities of beautiful girls and their silly personalities.  The candy element was added to be both bold and vibrant, combined with the makeup enhanced the sweetness and colorfulness of the shoot.

Studio Portraiture - Sarah Sadovsky - Red Hair Beauty by Christian O'Grady

Sarah has a beauty that runs deep.  Christian and I have gotten to know all the quirky and unique things that make Sarah who she is, and it only makes her more desirable to those who know her.  During my shoot with Sarah, I wanted to focus on her long (and strong!) red hair in certain ways.  Being a red head is something that Sarah wears proudly, because it makes her different.  I am looking forward to working with Sarah in the future to reveal more of her inner beauty.

I shot this with one main light overhead softbox right with my lovely partner Christian lending a helping hand to fan Sarah's hair when needed.

Food Photography - Green Food Still Life - Madalyn Knebel Food Stylist by Christian O'Grady

Putting three creative heads together we had the idea do start a series of monochromatic still lives of fruits and veggies. We started with the green foods because they are so plentiful. Madalyn crafted this large still life of green foods as Victoria took behind the scenes photos and closeups and Christian worked on the lighting and one overall shot of the still life. Check out the process and the results below.

Studio Portraiture - Madalyn Knebel - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

I, Victoria, have always wanted to photograph a ballerina.  The way they carry themselves with such elegance has always been attractive to me.  Upon meeting Madalyn, I knew of her history with ballet but what I didn't know was that she was still graceful as ever.  Sometimes people change, whether it's due to their environment or just the mere fact that they've moved onto that next step.  This was not the case, I knew I had to photograph Madalyn's soft and sweet nature.  During our shoot together, Christian was flying the Helix around our studio getting behind the scenes footage to help tell the story. 

Studio Portraiture - Trevor & Bayley - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Trevor and Bayley, model friends of ours #PowerCouple stayed with us in our loft this summer as they were making a transition in their modeling career. After spending a couple years in China they moved to Michigan in preparation for a move to the city of Chicago. We decided to do an old school CK inspired black and white shoot with them in studio. #FYT

Wedding Photography - Rachel & Anthony - Detroit, MI by Christian O'Grady

FYT had the opportunity to work a beautiful wedding in the heart of Detroit on a cold February day. Victoria and I have worked events in the year we have been in business but this was our first wedding together. My high school friend was looking for a wedding photographer. When I offered to shoot her wedding she was ecstatic! Here is a selection of images from Rachel and  Anthony's special day. Congratulations Sligers!

Fashion Editorial - StylineLine Magazine - Airtime Trampoline Park @ Troy, MI by Christian O'Grady

Victoria's first chance to work with me on a big job was during this 10 page fashion spread for the March issue of Styleline Magazine last year. She shot behind the scenes as I orchestrated the 10 different setups we shot for the magazine. Jumping around all day at Airtime trampoline park made for an extremely fun shooting day.

Documentary Photography - Black Magic - Valentine Distilling Co. @ Ferndale, MI by Christian O'Grady

     Christian and I worked with a close friend of ours on a stylish shoot for a marketing campaign for Black Magic body spray and body wash.  We spent the day working inside of the rather fragrant and airy Valentine Vodka in Ferndale, where Christian helped with lighting and I shot  behind the scenes.  On the set, Christian was using a portable lighting rig that he fashioned together using a vintage photographers light strip with four LED light bulbs while I was ducking and weaving through clothing racks and distillery vats.  

     The highlight of the day?  Christian getting to hose down a sexy 6'2 model.    

Studio Portraiture - Gathering of the Creatives - FYT Productions by Christian O'Grady

Victoria and I decided to have a day where we invited some creative minds over to the studio to chill, collaborate and take photos. There were photographers, models, a hair/makeup artist and our creative friends Maya and Joe showed up towards the end of the evening for drinks and a game of Cards Against Humanity. Victoria and Bri hit it off and took an adventure through downtown Pontiac eventually making it back to the studio but not before making friends with the Sheriff of Oakland County. Christian spread his time between working on the behind the scenes video and working with all of the guests.

Local photographers Sean Forsyth and Ka Xiong came by to hang out and shoot some photos. 

We were able to capture some model type photos on location in Pontiac and in the studio. 

Then the wine came out and we started playing Cards Against Humanity and laughed and laughed.

Portrait Photography - Christian O'Grady - Pontiac, MI by Christian O'Grady

When you are a pair of photographers, there is no excuse, you have to photograph thick fog. This foggy night I became the model as Victoria captured my silouhette in this line of trees.

Pontiac MI, 12/14/14

Pontiac MI, 12/14/14

We then decided to venture down Woodward to a location we had been passing on the regular which was decorated with tons of Christmas lights.  Nothing like bokeh, eh?

Portrait Photography - FYT - Pontiac, MI by Christian O'Grady

Of course for our one year anniversary we both received photocentric gifts from each other and we took portraits together in the studio. I bought Victoria our very first GoPro and she made me a photo scrap book of our first year of taking photos, living, and loving.